Pnina C. Gagnon


Brain Connections

All Paintings done on one subject, brain connections, executed in 2009.


Whales in Color, 2000, watercolor and pigments, on handmade paper 59" x 47".

Fragmented Whales, 2002, acrylic, water-colour, ink glued on embossed handmade paper, 59" x 47".

Whales' Bank, 2005, collage glued on canvas, 73" x 39".


Whale with Fancy Tail, Two wales with a Tree, Whale on Ground, 2000 - 2003, mixed media, different sizes.

Big Whale wit Bloody Belly, 2003, pigment and pulp 79" long.

Missing Whales, 2005, acrylic, glue on archival paper, 20 1/2" x36 1/2".